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The 8 Best Places to Stop on Your Boat Trip in Ibiza

Boat Days are a Must When Visiting Ibiza, but Where Are The Best Places to Stop?

A boat day is a must when visiting Ibiza. Most holiday-goers plan their trip to The White Isle knowing they want at least one day out at sea included. Choosing the kind of boat you want to spend the day on is one thing but knowing where you want it to go is another. There are plenty of different routes to take on your boat charter and various different ports you can leave from too. If you’re staying on the West of the island then you might prefer to look at options leaving from San An Marina. However, if you’re staying in the North or East then you might want to consider options from Ibiza Town or Santa Eulalia.

Boats available for hire in Ibiza range from small self-drive options to super yachts which come complete with full crew. We usually focus our recommendations somewhere between the self-drive to €200pp for a full day charter option. There are also increasingly more options available for shared charters on both yachts and catamarans.

Below we’ve outlined 8 of the best boat stops in Ibiza. Some are at beaches and great spots of snorkelling, others are landmark based and unbelievable sunset locations.

If you haven’t yet booked your boat for Ibiza this summer or are just looking to find out some further information then get in touch and we’d love to help. Although we don’t boast about ourselves, we have connections across the island to the people who do.

1. Cala Salada


Although Cala Salada isn’t Ibiza’s most famous beach, it is one of the best and somewhat a hidden gem for those who know about it. With its longest section taking the lead name and its smaller partner beach, Cala Saladita, just a short walk away across some large rocks, this beach is a great place to spend some time whether you’re on land or at sea.

Whether you’re chilling on the large flat surfaces of the giant boulders or setting up pitch on the stoney beaches, you might find yourself greeted by the local Mojito Man offering you a refreshing minty rum cocktail including delivery to exactly where you are for just €10. Alternatively, Restaurante Cala Salada is located to the far left side of the beach, serving traditional Mediterranean dishes such as seafood paella and tapas.

2. Es Vedra


Off the south-west coast of the island is Ibiza’s most iconic natural landmark, Es Vedra. Although you’re likely to catch a glimpse of the legendary rock as you fly into Ibiza, you can’t truly appreciate it’s incredible presence until you’re on land or water looking up at its 400 metre height. Said to be the third most magnetic point in the world, it’s no wonder that many consider Es Vedra to be a magical and legendary place to visit.

At the bottom of the sloped road which leads you to Cala d’Hort or at the small beach you can reach by boat, you’ll find Restaurant El Carmen and Restaurant Cala d’Hort. Both serving local dishes and seafood whilst giving incredible views of Es Vedra (we absolutely advise bookings, especially if you’re planning to go around lunch or dinner time!).

3. Cala Tarida


Cala Tarida’s 900 metres of beach makes it a popular family spot and a great place to watch the sunset, too. Amongst the beaches coastline you might be lucky enough to find one of its hidden coves which are ideal for private sunbathing and relaxing. Alternatively, you could head for one of the beach's more known locations such as Cotton Beach Club restaurant, Aisea where they have live music or Ses Eufabies.

4. Formentera


Formentera is a drop of total paradise in the Balearics. It’s the smallest of all the Balearic Islands but that doesn’t stop it from being a much sought after destination whether for a boat stop, overnight trip or full holiday.

When you book your boat, you’re likely to be offered full day and half day options. A half day is not going to cover getting to Formentera and back, and most full day options will need an additional add on option whether that’s a set cost or fuel by hour due to the distance from Ibiza. *Side Note - When you boat your boat day through us, we’ll always make sure your trip is all-costs-included and that there are no hidden costs or variables once booked.*

Once you reach Formentera you’ll be welcomed by gorgeous scenery of clear water and white sandy pieces. Just check the photo below and you’ll know what we mean when we say you might mistake images of Formentera for those from the Caribbean.

It’s also possible to stop off here for lunch - you can either swim to the shore or arrange with your chosen restaurant to pick you up from your boat and take you to shore. LOOK AT OPTIONS…

If you have the time and budget to include a boat day to Formentera in your holiday plans then we can’t recommend it enough.

5. Cala Bassa


Cala Bassa is just a short 15 minutes boat drive from San Antonio port and there you’ll find 300 metres of beautiful beach as well as multiple delicious eating spots. Although it’s equally as easy to reach Cala Bassa by car or taxi, those modes of transport definitely don’t have the same sense of magic which travelling there by boat do.

Sailing to Cala Bassa is achievable even on a sea-drive boat which is a much cheaper way to get in on the boat day action without breaking the bank for those on a budget. Once you reach the blue waters of Cala Bassa you’ll find CBBC Restaurant, CBBC Chiringuito, CBBC Sushi and CBBC Snack Bar between which you’ll be fed and watered to your preference.

6. Mambos


Founded almost 20 years ago in 1994, Mambos has become the sunset spot in Ibiza. It’s located in the middle of San Antonio’s famous sunset strip and has uninterrupted of what we consider to be the best sunset in the world (yes, we are biased, we love Ibiza). But, Mambos isn’t only the place to be on land, it’s also a hotspot for boat groups looking to take in the sunset, either enjoy their own music on-boat or let the sound waves of Mambos line ups of international DJ bookings take over the speakers to see out the way.

What makes ending your boat charter here extra great is you can be enjoying your own drinks and that you’re just round the corner from San Antonio’s marina so once the magic of sunset is done, you can be on land and on to your next stop without the unwanted bit in-between.

7. Calla Vadella


Some boat charters include snorkelling and have a Paddle Board on-board but if you have watersports at the forefront of your holiday to-do list then it’s worth heading to Calla Vadella. Here you’ll find pedalos, kayaks and stand up paddle boats available to hire, making it a popular activity spot amongst families and couples. Calla Vadella also plays home to a few small caves which are perfect for snorkelling either from your boat or from the beach.

8. Punta Galera


Punta Galera is a truly spectacular sight in all its rocky glory and if you’re one for whipping off your clothes and tanning every part of your body then this might be a great stop on your itinerary. The area's natural nooks and crannies create secluded bathing locations, ideal for nudists. This stop off point is located in the North West of Ibiza, above San Antonio and often attracts yoga gurus and meditation groups who enjoy practising on the flat rocky platforms.

All images on this page are courtesy of the following Instagram pages. 2.@yourboatibiza 4.@littlelordf 6.@mamboibiza 8.@lucio.dublino

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