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Ibiza E-Bike Ride Out

Explore the island of Ibiza on 2 wheels!


We all daydream of freedom on the roads, wind in our hair and whizzing around like the Tour de France, but if like us it’s the dreaded numb bum and those tiny tyres stopping you in your tracks, then a Lil’Buddy E-Bike is just what you need.

On a bright and warm winter afternoon in Ibiza, we took to the roads, hillsides and rocky paths of San Antonio for an E-bike Ride Out, and boy was it fun!

Led by company founders Heather and Barney, we quickly learned the key points of how E-bikes work, how best to enjoy riding them and the health and safety side of things too. Once loaded with the necessary kit and info, we set off with helmets on heads, eyes on the road and full trust in our Lil’Buddy’s.

It took about five seconds of peddling before we realised this was going to be an afternoon to remember. E-Bikes. Are. Amazing. As people who don’t usually travel around the island on two wheels and were always too scared to venture around LDN on a Boris Bike, let us tell you E-Bikes are the way forward. Literally.

The comfy cushioned saddle and the big bouncy tyres make you feel sturdy and safe. The bikes are clearly made for the type of ride that others simply aren’t. They might look a little mean with their motorbike-like features but really they couldn’t be kinder. You’ll be averaging a speed of 20-25kmph on the roads and gliding through your ride with a huge grin on your face.

If you’ve been to Ibiza before, you already know there are hills around every corner and if you haven't, get ready for them!

It’s not all flat roads and simple surfaces on a Ride Out. Brace yourself for some more adventurous highlights too. Depending on your preference, as discussed at the time of booking, you can opt for a route with rocky roads, steep inclines and most importantly, breathtaking views of Ibiza’s beautiful Mediterranean land and sea.

It’s deceivingly easy to ride an E-bike. You can alter the mode in which you ride if you want to push yourself but we stuck with turbo for the ultimate boost experience. If you’ve ever wondered what Mario-Kart characters feel like when they run over a magical box and strike mushroom, we’d imagine it’s this. Even the steepest trails of Ibiza are a breeze.

Senses heighten when sightseeing on an E-bike Ride Out. You notice how green the trees really are, how fresh the sea air is and how euphoric it feels having nature all around you. We biked through San Antonio to a secret valley: a hidden gem on the White Isle. To top it off, whilst having the best bike ride of our lives and experiencing Ibiza in an eco-friendly, old-school/future-travel kind of way, we crossed out any need for leg day too!

Heather and Barney have thought of every detail needed for an unforgettable E-bike Ride Out. They even offer add-ons such as sunset yoga, wild picnics and full-day excursions.

They provide:

  • E-Bike

  • Helmet (Don’t worry, they’re stylish as can be)

  • Drawstring Bag (Optional - If you prefer to take your own, no problem)

  • Photos (They’ll take some snaps along the way so you can focus on riding)

You should take with you:

  • Water bottle (The bikes have holders)

  • Sunscreen

  • Hairband (For those with long hair - you’re welcome!)

  • Sunglasses

At Islanders, we search the island to bring you the best of Ibiza and with these E-bikes we really have found something special.

Get in touch here to find out more on booking your Ride Out or including one as part of a holiday package.


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