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Mehari Adventure Day in Ibiza

Step one of making the most of your Mehari adventure day is, of course, choosing the colour of your island wagon! There are plenty of bright colours to choose from including pink, orange, turquoise or yellow.

Personally, we love a bit of orange here at Islanders! We sported a bright orange beauty to explore the island and find hidden gems, which we’re here to tell you all about.

You can pick up the car from the garage near Santa Eulària which is also next to Can Garage, a BBQ restaurant with fairy lights to grab a drink or snack from before heading out. Alternatively, it can be delivered to you at the airport, or at your hotel or villa. After signing the relevant forms and a quick how-to run-through with the Mehari team, you’re free to hit the roads.

Mehari’s drive slightly different to an average car, you have to be firm with the gears and really give it some welly on the accelerator. It might take a little getting used to so opting for a few of the empty back roads at first is a good idea. But, once you’re comfortable with the way the Mehari moves, you’ll be all set for the ultimate adventure day.

We headed through countryside roads towards Es Canar. A small village just before Calla Nova which is the go-to Ibiza destination for many family holidays with its sandy beaches and lively bars.

Instead of stopping off in Es Canar, we kept exploring to find a more secluded lunch spot. We stumbled upon Kiosku Cala Mastella, an authentic beach and seafood chiringuito right on the seafront. A menu of fresh fish, calamari, ice creams, patatas bravas and refreshing drinks - exactly what we needed.

Bellies full and thirst quenched, it was time to head north of the island to see the wonders up there. Winding roads took us to Es Figueral, a charming village and beach resort. As we drove through the streets of Es Figueral in true Ibiza style, it was great to see how many people smiled and waved as we drove past in our Mehari. You can’t help but feel happy with these cars, they look and are a lot of fun. Holiday mode was well and truly on!

In the North of the Island there is one particular dining spot which really has our hearts: The Boat House Ibiza. A sea-inspired restaurant with something for everyone

to indulge into. It’s full of fine details, fishing ornaments and stylish decor. There’s even a shark hanging from the ceiling, and a boat sunk beneath the glass floor. We’ve visited this popular spot a few times and every time, the staff are welcoming and attentive. Plus, the food and drink are some of the best on the island. Highly recommended.

As evening slowly approached we headed south to a secret location we know, ideal for a picturesque sunset with views of Es Vedra Rock. Views that don’t seem real, as they’re almost too good to be true.

After taking the steep walk down to the infamous ‘Rave Cave’ at Cala Comte, we headed back up the stairs to find a lone musician set up with his camper van and guitar to sing away the day. It’s worth noting that the walk down a narrow stairway to the cave is not one for the faint hearted but you’ll be glad you put yourself through it once you see the sights below. Back up top with views of Es Vedra for sunset, you really can’t beat the sun coming down, some music and an open-top Mehari!

The whole day was really something special, a lot of funny moments to remember and definitely an experience we would recommend you try when in Ibiza.

Ideas for what to bring:

  • Islanders guide of recommended places to stop!

  • Digital Camera or GoPro

  • Selfie stick

  • Speaker

  • Hair band or a hat - Mehari is convertible

  • Plenty of water - it gets hot with the roof down

  • Suncream - soak up the sunshine

4 passengers fit comfortably into a car with plenty of additional space for luggage, including a boot which is covered by material held in place by bungee cords. There’s no built in sound system so we took a bluetooth speaker with us which worked perfectly, even over the noise of the wind as we whizzed around the island.

Mehari’s are available for a minimum of 3 days based on a maximum of 4 people per car.

The cost for all 3 days is €255 euros so it can work out as little as €21.25 per person, per day.

Contact us to find out more and book your Mehari Adventure!

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