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Cafe Mambo's Bookings for Summer 2022 are Live!

From April 23rd, Cafe Mambo's will be opening from 10am-3am for breakfast, lunch, dinner, late night cocktails and sunset sessions right through the summer. This is undoubtedly the most iconic sunset spot on the island and ensuring your holiday plans include a table here is a must.

Table reservations for this summer are now live and you can select where in the venue you'd like to be based on table type.

Seafront - Feel the wind in your hair and soak up the Mediterranean rays when you're sat Seafront. If you're looking to be front row for an unforgettable sunset dinner, this is the option for you. Mambo's dining area is located on the platform above the rocks below so even if the surrounding area is busy with sunset-loving tourists, you'll still have a totally clear view out to the horizon when sat Seafront.

Regular Terrace - This area takes up the majority of the Mambo's Terrace and applies to all tables located in front of the walkway but behind the Seafront tables. They're still a great spot with insane sunset views but with slightly lighter minimum spends than those Seafront.

Top Terrace - Although the Top Terrace tables don't have a completely clear view of the sunset, they do have you wrapped up in the Mambo's vibe and are very much still part of the venues overall atmosphere. We'd suggest this area as a hotspot for cocktails once the sun has gone down.

With the above 3 types of table booking you'll have up to 3 hours reserved for you as standard but if you'd prefer to keep it for longer than you can email ahead to let the team know. A minimum consumption applies to all bookings which will be agreed with you upon booking. This means you agree to a minimum value that you will spend on food and drinks whilst in the venue. If you haven't reached the threshold by the time you leave, you will need to pay the difference anyway.

VIP - If you're wanting to go all out and have the best of the best then you'll want to find out more about Mambo's VIP tables. They're the ones located closest to the DJs and with great sunset views despite not being seafront.

All photos on this page are courtesy of O Beach Ibiza and were sourced from their website.


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